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The Boy In Question

i'm alright in bed, but i'm better with a pen

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Birthdate:May 11
Location:Athens, Tennessee, United States of America
The following poems, works of short fiction, and rambles may contain material unsuitable for young children. Entries will be MARKED accordingly. If you scroll below this entry, you are acknowledging the intent to read said materials, and are agreeing not to be a complete moron and raise a fuss if you're offended, since I've already warned you.

I follow a standard, MPAA type, rating scale. Please make sure you read and understand the scale behind the cut before pursuing my works. Thank you.

(G)= General Audiences: It means anyone can read it, and not be offended. You won't find a lot of my stuff within this category, because I tend to use stronger themes.
(PG)= Parental Guideace: It means that the tone and content may be darker than that of a (G) rated work, but to be honest, no more so than you're average episode of cabhle TV. Check with your parents before reading.
(PG-13)= Parental Guidence 13+: It means, if you're under 13, don't read it. Period. And if you're 13, but not 18, I suggest checking with your folks before going any further. The language is a bit rougher, and the tone a bit darker, but it doesn't go too far.
(R)= Restricted: This is where it gets dark and vulgar. I throw around a lot of naughty words when I'm angry.
(NC-17)= Absolutely no one under legal age allowed. It's naughty and raunchy, and there's probably sex. I honestly won't post any of this (and if I do, it'll be a protected entry, so none of you kiddies will see it anyway.) so no one needs to worry

Now, moving on to my tagging system.

My tag system will follow the rating system above (things will be tagged with a (G), or an (R), and so on to make browsing by rating easier. I will also tag by style (i.e. poem, fiction, rant) as well as fandom (if I happen to post any fandom type stuff here, which knowing me, is likely.) It should be fairly straight forward. (fandom things will be tagged with !fandom- harry potter or similar). As the tagging system is used and cemented, this information will be edited accordingly.

These works are my property, and should not be posted elsewhere without my express permission. If I do give you permission to host my work, you must credit me as the author. Thank you.

Now, go forth, enjoy, comment! Constructive criticism is welcome, as long as you're not rude, and the author thrives on comment love, so this last one is imperative.

The Boy In Question: My name is Caleb. I'm 22, and 6 ft tall. I have black hair, brown eyes, and I'm of average build. I'm a Junior at Tennessee Wesleyan College, and I'm majoring in Behavioral Science with focuses in Sociology and Human Services, with a minor in Spanish. I love music and movies and books, pretty much of all kinds. I love my friends and my boyfriend Dylan, they're my family. I couldn't live without them and their support.
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